Administrative Law, Asses Enforcement Capabilities

Federal and state administrative agencies often face the possibility of limited funding and employee layoffs. As such, limited resources can affect an administrative agency’s ability to carry out its responsibilities. Assume a senior agency administrator has asked you to present an analysis and a recommended approach that considers the importance of following and enforcing regulations in a budget-constrained environment. Your audience is a group of agency managers whose budgets have just been reduced, and they are considering the elimination of regulations officers within their divisions.

Based on your analysis, write a paper that provides considerations for how to regulate enforcement in the face of budget reductions.

Be certain your presentation includes the following:

•Explain the value of understanding how agencies enforce their regulations.

•Detail the steps in formal rulemaking.

•Justify the importance of recordkeeping and reporting.

•Examine the level of enforcement power agencies have within the scope of the Fourth Amendment.

•Validate the scope of power that agencies wield in relation to the Fifth Amendment.

Provide specific examples to in the paper.