Assignment 4: Essay-How can the Internet, Social Media and Mobile Devices be used to Enhance the Educational Experiences of University Students?


1. You are to write an academic essay on the topic explained below (1000 words). Read the sources provided for this assignment and find two or more on the same topic, using the databases on the UNE Library webpage.  Follow the steps of the essay writing process explained below. The aim is for you to go through all the steps of the research and writing process so that you know how to produce a high quality academic essay with correct referencing.2. You are to fill in an essay self-assessment form that you will cut and paste onto the last page of your essay, after the references. (See STEP 12 on this assignment sheet for full instructions.) Your essay will not be marked without this self-assessment form. ESSAY QUESTIONHow can the Internet, social media and mobile devices be used to enhance the educational experiences of university students?  Narrow this broad topic in order to discuss one aspect in depth.Your essay task must:? be 1000 words in length (10% above or below the word limit allowable)? have correctly formatted APA in-text references in all body paragraphs (use strong and weak author formats)? not have direct quotations, in either long or short format, that take up more than 10% of the essay.  All other source information should be presented either as summaries or paraphrases. ? have a reference list that matches the in-text references in your essay. Use at least four of the sources from the list provided for this assignment and at least two from your own research in the databases on the UNE Library webpage.  Your minimum number of sources will be six, but you may choose to use more (no more than 10). You will need to be critical in your evaluation and choice of the sources, both the sources that have been provided to you as well as those you find yourself. Being able to select sources that are of strongest importance to your specific purposes is an important academic skill. Do not reuse any sources provided in the reflections.? include a self assessment, using the essay criteria on the last page (see STEP 12 on p. 7)? be submitted through e-submission before/by 11:55 pm on Sunday, 24 September, 2017. (See submission link on the weeks 9-11 program, FNDN 102 home page).