ATHLETIC INJURIES AND PHYCHOLOGY—- Psychological Reactions to Exercise and Atheltic Injuries


• Your 5 sources must include a combination of scholarly research journals, internet, text, and other sources
• Identify your research idea with a short summary
• Your paper should be 5 pages in length, plus a Title Page and Reference Page
• First, identify an important Issue related to sport psychology and describes that issue in detail during the first half of the paper. Then, in the paper’s second half, analyze the issue and suggests solutions.
• In that Sport Psychology is interdisciplinary, you can borrow topics and subjects from other areas in which you have an interest, but we must be sure the topic relates to sports psychology
• The paper is not a personal opinion or reflection style paper
• All sources must be listed on “References” pages (not “Works Cited or “Bibliography” – those aren’t APA format terms, and without the quotation marks) attached to the end of the papers.

You must also cite the material within the body of your paper, using the American Psychological Association (APA) format (this is the citation format used within the narrative of your textbook).

Your paper should contain a cover page with your name and the title. Papers are to be typed and double-spaced using a font size of 10 to 12, no larger, throughout, including the cover page. The pages should be full and margins should be no larger than 1″ on all sides. The cover page and “References” page are in addition to the five-page length
• You may also use the Internet for some of your material as long as you access scholarly resources and not popular media such as Sports Illustrated, Psychology Today, opinion .com sites or blogs, sites or others that do summarizing for readers, abstracts without reading the full article, etc. NO WIKIPEDIA articles may be used for these papers