Based on book Strategic Innovation Management

Author(s): Joe Tidd; John Bessant 1st edition

since I don’t have the book downloaded I have provided you the ppt from book used during the course.

The instruction are:
Choose one industry from the following list.
What are three major innovations occurring in this in dustry that are either disrupting or about to disrupt the industry. Explain in detail how they might disrupt the industry.

1. Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting
2. Mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction
3. Pipelines
4. Telephone carriers
5. Construction
6. Manufacturing
7. Wholesale trade
8. Retail trade
9. Transportation
10. Finance and insurance
11. Real estate and rental and leasing
12. Waste management services
13. Educational services
14. Health care
15. Arts, entertainment and recreation
16. Accommodation services
17. Food services
sim-chapter-5.pdf Ch_1_-_student_version.pptx Ch_2_-_student_version.pptx Ch_3_-_student_version.pptx Ch_4_-_student_version.pptx