Bedside Hand off / Reporting

Read the following directions for the final paper . Will up load information to help with this project “Bedside hand off / reporting”
Indirect Clinical Project Description
This final project was designed to demonstrate your ability to synthesize and apply the knowledge and skills acquired throughout this academic program to real-world nursing issues and problems. Your final ICP assignment will affirm your ability to think critically and creatively, to solve practical problems related to nursing practice or the facilitation of patient-centered care, to make reasoned and ethical decisions, and to communicate effectively in writing.
Goals of the final assignment
• Students will have the opportunity to synthesize knowledge and apply skills acquired in the nursing academic and practice settings.
• Students will extend their academic experience into areas of nursing practice interest, working with new ideas, issues, organizations, and individuals.
• Students will demonstrate the ability to think and act critically and creatively about nursing practice issues and will further develop their analytical and ethical leadership skills necessary to address and help solve these issues.
• Students will refine the ability to utilize evidence based research and demonstrate proficiency in written and communication skills.
• Students will demonstrate achievement of the Ohio University program outcomes and the ability to extend and refine their knowledge and skill in the realization of their personal and professional goals met as a result of the capstone clinical project.
Indirect Clinical Project Final Paper Instructions
Your Indirect Clinical Project required you to become a change agent. You selected a problem, that was professionally or personally important to you, researched the problem; developed a plan of action that included strategies for success, stakeholders and resources by linking a QSEN competency. Now it is time to put it all together.
For this assignment you will write a 4-6 page paper connecting all of your links. Your paper should be in strict APA format including citations and references, and an abstract is required for this paper. You may use first person, but limited use.
Your paper should include:
1. An abstract.
2. An introduction
3. The frame of your problem. Remember to include your framing information!
4. Strategies that were successful and unsuccessful.
5. Discussion related to your stakeholders and resources.
6. A second solution to your problem
7. An implementation plan.
8. An evaluation plan.
9. An overall evaluation of your ICP, including working with the mentor (preceptor).
10. A conclusion.
The majority of your paper should be spent discussing your second solution, implementation, evaluation, and overall evaluation of your ICP. Remember to think of it as the Nursing Process, you have assessed, diagnosed, and planned; now you need to implement your plan and evaluate your plan. A good nurse always has a back-up plan. This is where your second solution comes into play. Are there stakeholders or resources that might be available if there were a different solution? Is there a short term solution and a long term solution? Do you need to adjust your plan due to time or money constraints?
Writing Hints:
1. Abstracts are brief, comprehensive summary of the contents of your paper. After reading an abstract the reader should have a very good understanding of the contents of your paper. It should reflect the purpose and content, use clear and concise language and be brief and to the point. Your abstract should be150-200 words…no more, no less.
2. Introduction:
a. Why is this problem important?
b. How does this paper relate to the problem?
c. What will be included in this paper?
d. A summary of the overall paper.
e. Should be 150 to 250 words in length for this assignment.
3. Conclusion:
a. Briefly summarize your key points.
b. Propose a course of action (your solutions revisited)
c. Offer recommendations for further research.
d. Discuss a wider significance (Looking at the big picture!)
e. What did you learn from the ICP and the mentor (preceptor)?
f. Should be normally be 150-250 words in length for this assignment, but your conclusion could be longer…relate one paragraph to the problem and then two –three to the overall project.
4. Bridging your paragraphs or transitioning: transitions are bridges between what has been read and what is about to be read. Be sure your paragraphs transition to the next idea…