Book Critique for Coming of Age in Mississippi by Anne Moody


Format (6 points): 1 inch margins. Times New Roman. Title page. No subheadings. Paragraphs are 12 pt. font and double spaced. Paper must be minimum of 3 full pages of critique with a cover page and Bibliography. Header should be in the top right hand corner (11 font) with your last name and pg.#

Chicago Style Citations (

I. Introduction (1 paragraph) include your thesis 16 points
A. From what age or ages does her autobiography take place?
B. In what historical context is her autobiography set?
C. What is the overall summary or plot of the book?
II. Issues/Themes/Conflicts (2 paragraphs) 24 points
A. What are two major issues, themes, or conflicts that the author experienced in the book?(Cite specific examples, you must have more a minimum of three examples with explanation of why these are important for the two major issues you choose to discuss)
a. Generational — family conflicts
b. Gender — how women are treated
c. Racial – how blacks are treated vs whites
d. Cultural – urban (city) vs. rural (country)
e. Socioeconomic – poor vs. rich
III. Civil Rights Movement (2 paragraphs) (cite specific examples, you must have more a minimum of three examples with explanation) 30 points
A. What event or events propel the author to participate in the Civil Rights Movement?
B. Why do you speculate her family is not as involved as she is in the Civil Rights Movement?
C. Is their involvement or lack of involvement typical of poor blacks in the South during this time?
D. Is the author’s point of view any different from when she began participating in the Civil Rights Movement and after she has been participating for some months and/or years? Why is that?
E. Is the author’s point of view typical of young people within the Civil Rights Movement?
IV. Author’s Intention (1 paragraph cite specific examples, you must have more a minimum of three examples with explanation) 9 points
A. What issues or points is Moody trying to convey to the audience in writing this book?
B. Which issue or points does the author cover really well?
C. Which issues or points are not conveyed by the author, address why the author does not cover these points
V. Your Point of View (1 paragraph) 10 points
A. What are your thoughts about the book? Do you like the book? Yes/No? Why/why not?
B. Would you recommend this book to a friend? Yes/No? Why/why not?
C. If you could meet with Anne Moody what would you like to ask her?

VI. Bibliography ( 5 points
A. Lecture
B. Textbook
C. Film