Boundary Issues and Cultural Competence in Social Work Practice

Assessment context: Ethical dilemmas, policy, practice and critical reflection
The international journal Ethics and Social Welfare is calling for manuscripts from final
year social work students on ethical issues and dilemmas experienced in their social work
education. In particular, reflective accounts of practice situations where ethical issues or
dilemmas arose whilst undertaking field placement. The issue or dilemma may be from any
part of their field education experience and may include practice situations or policy issues
E.g. access to benefits and services by undocumented migrants or asylum seekers. Using
Fook’s critical reflection approach of deconstruction and reconstruction, students are asked
to identify and discuss the ethical issue or dilemma and the newly developed practice theory
that has resulted from the analysis with particular emphasis on social justice imperatives and
future social work practice.
***The manuscript should include:
• A title of no more than 12 words
• An Abstract – an informative summary of no more than 150 words
• Three keywords that describe the content of the article
• A scholarly article of 4,000 words inclusive of the abstract and exclusive of references
• APA references and adherence to the Faculty of Education and Social Work Style Guide
Assessment Criteria
(i) Clearly and concisely describes the ethical issue or dilemma from their social work
Education experience
(ii) Identifies, describes and critiques key themes (e.g. values, competing ethical positions, skills, theory, policy) that arise from an analysis of this issue, using Fook’s deconstruction and reconstruction approach
(iii) Locate key themes within a critical review of the literature, in particular ethical theories
and frameworks (minimum of 10 – maximum of 15 references)
(iv) Critically reflects on own learning in relation to redeveloped practice theory and social
(v) Appropriate presentation of manuscript including title, abstract, keywords and referencing (APA )
(vi) Demonstrate clarity of expression and coherence of argument