Building An Annotated Bibliography

Research Paper, Business
Project description
Before embarking on your project, it is important to have a strong list of sources. These sources will help you develop and expand your ideas and also support your points in the longer paper. Building an Annotated Bibliography will help you find credible sources and understand how they will be useful in your project.
Assessment Directions:
1. Find five credible sources that support your position on the topic you have chosen in Week 4. Then, list these sources in APA format. After each citation, include two short paragraphs about each source. The first paragraph should summarize and evaluate the source. Be sure to cover the main points of the source, consider if it is simple—pushes only one main point—or complex—argues for several points at once—and analyze it for bias. Then, in the next paragraph, discuss if this source will be helpful to you or not. Explain in 1–2 sentences what you will use this source for, such as background material, support, and relevant examples.
2. Include an APA title page and then make sure that this assignment is presented in this format: