BUS4082, u06a2] Unit 6 Assignment 2, Value of Dialogue OBJECTIVES To successfully complete this learning unit, you will be expected to: Discuss attributes of a high-performing learning team. Apply strategies and methods to build learning team capacity Studies

Readings Use your textbook, Change management: A Guide to Effective Implementation, to complete the following: Read Chapter 9, “People Management,” pages 177–202. Use the Capella University Library to complete the following: In Marquardt’s Building the Learning Organization: Achieving Strategic Advantage Through a Commitment to Learning: Read Chapter 8, “Action Learning.” Read Manning, Waldman, Lindsey, Newberg, and Cotter-Lockard’s 2012 article, “Personal Inner Values: A Key to Effective Face-to-Face Business Communication,” from the Journal of Executive Education, volume 11, issue 1, pages 37–65. (use links in unit 6 to access reading documents).

The purpose of this assignment is to obtain an understanding of the nature of dialogue, and its role as a foundational skill in group and organizational learning and in the application of the various learning disciplines discussed in this course. To this end, you will discuss the differences between debate discussion and dialogue, the ground rules that promote dialogue, and you will analyze your learning related to the design of an effective dialogue session. You will also consider the ease or difficulty of conversing at this level. The use of dialogue will be helpful in the successful conduct of your second team development session.

Based on your readings so far in the course, analyze how ground rules and dialogue can be used to grow a learning organization. Address the following elements:

Describe the differences between debate, discussion, and dialogue.
Analyze the value of dialogue in helping a team learn and change.
What are the ground rules required to reach this level of conversation?
Describe what you are learning about how to design an effective dialogue session.
Analyze the ease or difficulty of conversing at this level. Comment on the dangers and obstacles

Submission Requirements
Document format: APA format preferred. Use APA for references.
References: Include title and reference pages.
Length: Your assignment should be a minimum of two pages, not including title and reference pages.
Font and spacing: Papers should be double-spaced and in a standard font.
Writing: Writing should be well organized and clear, with correct spelling and grammar. Arial, 11 font.