Business Report


External Environment Analysis (Country Choice) and Entry Strategy (Mode) and Implementation Recommendations?
Students, working in teams of three to four, will develop and submit an international business report for entry into a new country (market) with a product (or a product line) through a division (or strategic business unit) of a company, or an entire company. You are to undertake research into the prospects of one of these top 50 ASX listed companies: AMCOR LIMITED (AMC), OIL SEARCH LIMITED (OSH), ORICA LIMITED (ORI), WESTFARMERS LIMITED (WES) and WOODSIDE PETROLEUM LIMITED (WPL), with the aim of recommending the relative merits of entering a selected overseas country with a product and the chosen entry mode and provide a logical recommendation for your choice of country destination, product and entry mode, with a minimum investment of $A1,000,000 or moThe Full Report will cover two broad aspects. First, an External Environment Analysis of the Selected Overseas Country (destination) and second, an Analysis of the Entry Strategy (Mode), should be included in your report. Your Conclusion will clearly justify your Recommendations of Country Choice and Entry Mode.
2. External Environment (Country Destination) Analysis.
You are to provide a written external environment analysis (PESTEL – political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal environment) of the selected international market (country) and region (e.g. European Union) for the product (product line) you have chosen.
The factors needed for undertaking the analysis are broadly set out in the Readings for Lecture Topics 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 and 9. For the first aspect of the report, the external environment analysis, you are required to complete this in the business report style-format discussed below (Typing only. Handwriting is unacceptable). The report should be a synthesis of all of the work you have completed for the external environment analysis.
You should provide appropriate evaluation of all relevant investment considerations given the company?s own circumstances and the current economic and market conditions. Justifications for the recommended course of actions and decision must be presented. You must use the latest available economic, industry and company information to complete your analysis. Please note that it is to be written in a business report style that is appropriate for senior management. That is, you need to think carefully about the structure of the report. It needs to be interesting, informative and persuasive as the aim is to highlight key external environmental international business challenges that the company is likely to face in the selected foreign market over the next few years. This aspect of report writing will be discussed in class.
so this is a group report, and i should write external environment analysis in term of technological, environmental and legal environment. our group has decided Bangladesh as the international market , the product line is Kmart, and the company is WESTFARMERS LIMITED.