Community Health Essay



This task allows for you to explore a community health service that you may or may not have

already had a placement at. If you have not attended the placement service yet then that is

perfectly fine, as what we want you to do here is to research, explore and consider the service’s

role within our community and consider how this knowledge may impact your future practice.

A persuasive essay is an essay used to convince a reader about a particular idea or focus, usually

one that you believe in, and is a skill that is important for your role as a doctor as you will need to

defend your thinking and decision making throughout your career as well as support any research

or referral writing. See the link for help with persuasive writing:[essays[persuasive essayphp

Your task is to:

1. Choose an essay topic (provided below).

2. Research the service in any way you wish, however, you do need to use at least 5 contemporary
and relevant references.

3. Construct an argument with solid reasoning, facts and logical flow.


Note: ”community health care setting” and ”community health model of care” refers to settings

and care you have or will experience on your community health placements. You may also choose

to define the model of care from the literature you read.

Address one of the following statements:

1. Communication with patients is enhanced in the community health care setting.

2. Chronic disease is managed most effectively within a community health model of care.

3. Managing a person’s health at home is in the best interest of the patient, the health care
professional and society.

4. Interprofessional care in the community health setting leads to a more coordinated approach to
services offered to home-based patients.

5. Community-based programs for individuals with disabilities do little to enhance the best
interests of those individuals.

You are required to take a position on the essay topic. It is not necessary to agree with the above

statements. Your position may be that you do not agree. Provide a sense of YOU in terms of what

your beliefs and values are in relation to the service you research.


o Organisation of the essay from introduction, body through to conclusion should follow a clear
and logical structure.

0 Research your topic and read critically. Be careful not just to write a literature review. The
literature is there to support your position. It is not necessary to describe specific studies – this
will just waste words.