For this assignment, you will write a 1200-word critical analysis based on one of the following topics inspired by readings in our

textbook, The McGraw-Hill Reader. The paper will include quoting the text, as well as additional research from the library database or

another approved and reliable source documented correctly in properAPA format. This paper requires writing using Third Person Point of

View and the persuasive mode.
The abstract should be 100 words and the body (excluding the cover page and reference page) of the paper should be 1000 words. Be sure to

use the template for a research paper that you create in Week One, and provide direct support from your sources. It would be best to use

the readings from your textbook, but other reliable sources should also be used. At least four sources are required. Choose ONE of the

following topics:

History, Culture and Civilization: What can history teach us?
These are general topics meant to inspire further exploration and discovery of a narrower subject for your paper. Your essay should be

persuasive and explore a debatable idea. See Idea Generators below and how the general topic of education as a right or privilege is

narrowed to an examination of integration. Should integration necessarily translate into concrete gains like greater achievement for all

students? If so, is mixing students by race the most effective mechanism for attaining it?
History, Culture and Civilization What can history teach us? Overview: p. 279
Essays: “America’s “Oh Sh*t” Moment,” Niall Fergeson pp. 291-295
“1776 and All That: America after September 11,” Edward Hoagland pp. 297-299
These essays are recommended, but you may choose relevant to your topic from other essays in the same chapter.
History, Culture and Civilization
In “A World Not Neatly Divided,” Amartya Sin states that “the befuddling influence of a singular classification also traps those who

dispute the thesis of clash: To talk about the “Islamic world” or “the Western world” is already to adopt an impoverished vision of

humanity as unalterable divided.” In a persuasive essay, address the future of a diversified America. Can a nation maintain a strong

sense of self and still remain open to outside influences? Is national identity crucial to a nation’s survival? How would you describe

America’s national identity?
• Persuasive Essay 1200 word minimum
• APA manuscript format
• Abstract and Title Page
• Resources (minimum four): At least one direct quote from chosen essay, two sources from the library databases. Other sources may

be from your textbook, other books, or credible internet sources.
• Save the file in .doc, .docx, or .rtf
• College level academic writing in third person point of view is required