Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking
Paper instructions:
Think of yourself as a newly hired executive or consultant to the firm. The owner(s) is/are frustrated by the current situation and want to make changes that will correct the issues that have been identified. They need an analysis of the situation and recommendations and a plan to improve which insures the viability and profitability of the organization.

Successful Strategic Thinking Exercise will be three (3) to five (5) pages in length and incorporate the information and knowledge gained in the course. Use the sections shown in the Evaluation Criteria to format your analysis.

Evaluation Criteria Content: (include the following sections)

Problem Description: identify the issue(s) to be addressed/establish credibility.

Alternatives: Identify and discuss at least three (3) alternative solutions.

Recommended Solution: describe the advantages of recommended solution.

Conclusion: (include the following sections)

Summary: Summarize your recommended solution.

Implementation: prepare a summary of the main points in implementing your plan or recommendation.