Critique Articles.


This assignment requires you to reconnect and reflect on your learning in order to critique the article by Kitson (2011) to identify the key messages, implications, and make recommendations for nursing. Kitson, A 2011, ?Mechanics of knowledge translation? International Journal of Evidence-Based Healthcare vol. 9, pp. 79-80
Use the Stripling model of inquiry to reconnect with your learning in NURS 3044. Your task now is to:
1. Read the article by Kitson (2011). The reading can be located in eReader in Course Essentials (see the right hand course menu).
2. Download the Assignment 1 template provided in the Assessments folder and use for this assignment.
3. Address the following questions for your assignment:
Section A: Introduction (100 words).
Section B: Identify and discuss the key messages or issues raised by Kitson (2011). Relate your discussion to clinical decision-making and patient care by registered nurses. Refer to the 2 readings from Topic 1 to develop your discussion. No other references are required for this assignment (550 words).
Section C: Conclusion ? summarise your discussion (100 words).
Reference List ? only 3 references are required for this assignment (UniSA Harvard Style referencing format).
FORMAT: Your assignment must be presented in the Assignment 1 template provided.