Death on Facebook

Assume that Facebook completed research and found that a large number of its users posted on a deceased person’s Facebook page shortly after the death of that person. Based on the current findings, within 24 hours, Facebook determined they could accurately identify if a user had passed away based on certain key words used in posts on the decedent’s page. Effectively, they discovered an accurate way to track deaths of its users. Several Facebook advertisers such as lawyers, funeral service providers, religious groups, charitable organizations, and no cost grief counselors would like to use this information in targeted ads to the people who are posting on the deceased person’s Facebook page, as well as, people denoted as family in the About section.

On the Discussion Board, writing at least 300-400 words. (Word counts are minimums!). Respond to the following questions (25pts):

(1) Is it ethical for Facebook to mine its users’ posts to determine users who have died?
(2) Is it ethical for Facebook to “sell” ads based on these determinations?

NOTE: Be sure to include discussion on free market theory and stakeholder theory in your response. I am particularly looking to see how you have absorbed and processed the course material thus far, so make sure to utilize and cite the course material where appropriate in answering these questions.