Develop a set of marketing strategies to reach the chosen target market to be competitive and achieve the ideal position for the brand. Your strategy should include Which occasions? Which channels? Which pack type?

Our research company is Ferrero Rocher. This project is part 2, we have done part 1 as well (detail see Ferrero Proposal).
This project has 2 sections,section A is group work which is finished (detail see Ferrero Project). I ordered this paper for section B. Section B is individual work, which containing analysis and interpretation, recommendations and limitations (detail see Project Report Structure).
The analysis should be based on the analysis and interpretation we have done in project 2 part 1 and based on the result from our online survey (attachment: Summary Report – Auto Run – Ferrero (2)).
The recommondations and limitations are based on the research we have done in project 2 part 1, and give marketing strategies.