diversity and women in leadership

For this assignment, each student is to write a literature review. Each student is to write a scholarly paper of 5-7 pages in length (not counting topical outline, title page, abstract, and references) and use appropriate citations using APA, 6th edition.

Focus of the literature review should be application of the ethical decision making theory and the impact of leadership and ethical decision making on organizational culture as it relates to each student’s capstone research topic (as identified in OLM 503 or other topic with permission/consultation with instructor). In addition to the text, a minimum of four additional academic sources are required.

Regardless of the paper topic, you are expected to create an outline (topic outline) fully integrate the literature, topic, and relevance. This is not an opportunity for an opinion paper, rather an opportunity to demonstrate critical thinking and analytical skills reflective of the content and learning objectives of the course.

Potential topics may include, but not limited to:

The analysis and scholarly critique of various ethical theories such as objectivism, subjective relativism, cultural relativism, and emotivism as practiced with the realm of a capstone research topic.
Differentiation between The Four Ethical Dilemmas (truth vs. loyalty; short term vs. long term; individual vs. community; justice vs. mercy) and application to the capstone research area of interest.
Application of an ethical theory and the implications of managing employee situations (denied promotions, managing relatives, managing friends or former colleagues, age disparity among superior/subordinate employees, diversity in advancement, succession planning, empowerment, etc.) situated within the realm of a capstone research topic.
Identification and approach for handling conflict of interest which applying an ethical theory within the realm of a capstone research topic.
Ethical implications as it relates to capstone research topic.

Required elements of this assignment include the following:
Cover page which includes your name, course name, assignment name, title, instructor’s name, and date
Topic Outline
Introduction, Body, Conclusion
Reference List
Double-space, 12 point font, one inch margins
Page Numbers in upper Right Corner
Compliance with APA, 6th edition