Donald C. Johanson


Read about the discoveries of different Paleoanthropologists to learn about how their finds have influenced and changed our understanding of human origins:

Donald Johanson:,8599,1882969,00.html
(You can use multiple different sites for information on Donald Johanson.)

Examine how this person influenced the field of Paleoanthropology as a result of his/her research and prehistoric finds, especially in the Olduvai Gorge.

WRITE & ANALYZE (20 points = 25 sentences required plus references/web citations):

– Write a one page discussion about how the Paleoanthropologist’s research and discovery influenced the field.

– Explain who Donald Johanson is.

– Describe an excavation location, fossil discovery, and evaluation of the hominin species.

– Explain the dating technique(s) used to determine the age of the fossil and artifacts.

– Examine how the Paleoanthropologist may have investigated the behavior of the early hominin using a biocultural perspective.

Include a link to a web resource/article that provides additional information.

Please keep in mind…

1. Must be a minimum of 25 sentences.
2. All requirements must relate to Johanson’s discoveries.
3. Please follow the instructions as that is exactly what the professor is expecting.
4. You can use multiple sources to find the information.