E-Government Policy Analysis

Paper instructions:
Option 2: E-Government Policy Analysis (recommended for graduate students)
This option includes the selection of an e-government related policy problem (5%), the conduction of a policy analysis, and the presentation (10%) and writing report (15%) of your analysis. Choose an e-government related topic of interest and identify the key problem or issue and the implications for the solutions proposed to address this problem. Paper topics are largely your own to chose from within the extensive field of e-government and e-governance, but should contribute to the substantive objectives of the course. Your discussion should be primarily analytical (not descriptive). Your grade depends both on the substance of your problem definition and the clarity of your presentation. You are required to discuss your selected problem in Class 4.

You are required to do a research on the selected e-government issue. Sources of information may include academic articles, government data, media reports, and interviews with public administrators. Your research should cover the following:

• What is the problem? Why it is important?
• What have done and what need to be done to solve the problem?
• What are your suggestions for solving the problem?
• What could be the implications?