Economics of the Business Environment

Individual Assessment Paper
Choose a firm or an organization. It must not be BA, Nippon Steel or Cemex. It could be a
business/organization you work for or any other in which you are interested. It could be profit seeking
or, alternatively, a not for profit organization. Set out the performance of the firm/organization in
relation to its main competitors /comparators from 2006 until 2016. Conduct an economic analysis of
the firm/organization, its markets, and its wider macro context. Does your analysis of the ‘fundamental
economics’ of the firm/organization fully explain your data? If not, why not? What does your analysis
reveal about the effectiveness of business strategy in your chosen firm or organization especially in the
‘Great Recession’? How well equipped is the business/organization to withstand any adverse global
economic shocks in 2017?
Length: 3000 words
Deadline: 14 June 2017 17:30:00 (UK Time)
Submission: Electronic Submission on
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The marker will be alerted of any work submitted as confidential as they don’t go through turnitin
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Word Count InformationPage 3 of 3
Number of words 3000 words – this is a strict limit
Penalties This is a strict limit not a guideline: any piece
submitted with more words than the limit will
result in the excess not being marked
Included in word count
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legends for tables, diagrams, charts, figures, images
Referencing system Please use the Harvard referencing system
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software, and any attempt to ‘hide’ text will be
considered a mis-statement of word count.
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