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You are to write a three page paper on any topic related to Ethics. The subject of your paper is your choice of an ethical situation (NOT THE DIFINITION OF ETHICS). Your topic should be something that you personally can relate.
You should use whatever resources are available to document and discuss the problem of ethics and how it is handled. You are required to have at least three (3) sources of information (Wikipedia is NOT ACCEPTABLE source) which will be referenced in your ?Bibliography Section?. In your paper you are required to have at least two (2) citations of two different sources documented and then referenced in your ?Sources Cited? section.
Your paper will be presented in the following format:
(a) Use the MLA style of writing
(b) Double spaced, either left justified or fully justified
(c) Have a Title Page properly formatted
(d) Have an introductory paragraph which states the purpose of the paper
(e) Have three (3) pages of the body of the paper
(f) In the body of the paper you must have at least two (2) citations in proper format.
(g) Have a summary paragraph at the end of the paper
(h) On a separate last page have a ?Sources Cited? section (just those sources you have cited in your paper)
(i) Below your Sources Cited section you will have a Bibliography Section (all sources used for you paper including both those directly cited and those not cited) in proper format.