Essay 3

Topic: For Essay 3, you will write a thesis-driven exploration of some media you like. Tell your reader why it is compelling to its

audience. You must have 3 sources of information and at least 1 source must be from the Galileo database. Be sure your essay

conforms to the Academic Essay Style guide.

Media could include a movie, a book, a television series, an episode of a television show, an album or mixtape, or a song. Select a

work that is clearly definable.

Start by making sure your topic can be researched through Galileo. Very new works will be harder than a work that has been

available for several years. In your thesis be sure to say more than the work is ‘good.’ Explain what features make it worth

watching, reading or hearing.

To provide evidence for your thesis use quotes from the media as well as the sources. Be sure to provide a list of works cited.

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