Assessment Information Sheet – Essay


Value: 40%
Due: Friday midnight Week 13

To assess the students understanding of key concepts and their ability to apply critical analysis and writing skills to the development of a coherent theoretical argument. Choose one (1) of the following essay topics and write a 2500 word essay:

1. Annabelle Sreberny-Mohammadi has argued that ‘human history is a history of global contact, influence and recombination, as is in evidence in language, music, visual arts, philosophical systems; perhaps media flows merely reinforce our mongrel statuses’ (1991:129). Discuss. 

2. Are local cultures becoming homogenised by international media? Evaluate the evidence used to support claims of homogenisation. Discuss alternative views of the future impact of international media on culture (eg. contraflow, hybridisation, diversification, fragmentation, multiplicity, etc) using examples as evidence.

3. Many advances in communication technologies have greatly enhanced international communication. This not only occurs at the government to government level but has also enhanced business to business and people to people interactions at a global level unimaginable a century ago. As the 21st Century develops the communication networks that helped represent the world to itself, and let it be observed as a single blue planet, have also created a medium for revolutionaries and terrorists to go about their covert and explosive business – a business that lives and breathes through digital communication technology use, such as social media and the mobile phone networks, and the oxygen of media exposure, be it through Al Jazeera, CNN or the BBC. Discuss.

4. Multinational media companies are becoming increasingly distinct from national ties and, therefore, national regulation and control. Who or what is driving the development of international standards and regulations for global media? Discuss which aspects of international media could/should be governed by global standards. What are some difficulties of producing standards and regulations for international media?

The essay is to be uploaded through Turnitin and will be marked electronically. You are not required to submit a cover sheet.

If you want feedback on your essay, you must also include (immediately before the essay) a fully completed Essay Self-Evaluation/Feedback Sheet (available on Blackboard).

The assessment will be based on content, structure, style and format. Particular emphasis will be placed on:

a) the extent and quality of research evident in the essay
b) the identification of key issues
c) the originality, depth and quality of thought in analysing the topic
d) the quality of expression, argument and presentation in the essay

Please note that your reference list for this essay must contain, at the bare minimum, at least twelve (12) academic sources (books, book chapters, journal articles).

Course learning objectives of this assessment (1, 3, 4)

1. Examine the historic, geographic, economic and political context of international media.
2. Compare the role and function of the media in Australia with those in various other nations.
3. Examine the socio-cultural influence of international media.
4. Explore practical implications of international media in relation to new technology and global issues.

Essays or written assessments meet the course objectives of knowledge acquisition and demonstrated assimilation of data, upon reflection and analysis, to produce articulate and concise documents, which convey evidence-based understanding of the concepts and topics.