Essay, Finance and Accounting

Notes to Consolidated Financial Statement

Project description
Writing notes for a fictitious annual report. Please do not use any company’s actual notes. The notes should consist of; but not be limited to, the items below.<br /><br />
Note 1: Significant Accounting Polices (consisting of at least 10 items) <br /><br />
Notes 2–10+: Consisting of at least the items below.<br /><br />
Inventory <br /><br />
Property, Plant, & Equipment <br /><br />
Contingencies and Liabilities <br /><br />
Changes in Accounting Principles or Estimates <br /><br />
Post Balance Sheet Events <br /><br />
Mergers and Acquisitions <br /><br />
Lease Obligations <br /><br />
EPS <br /><br />
Long-Term Debt <br /><br />
Employee Pension Obligations<br /><br />
Guidelines<br /><br />
The notes will then include detailed information about at least 10 different items that are usually contained in the notes to the financial statements.<br />