Formal and Informal Networks and Structures in Organisation


In relation to the. Books check in the web and. Online libraries Appendix a of cross and Parker is critical Research Methodology Based on mix methods – Interviews/Survey/Questionaires – Statiscal anaylsis of data – Visual and Network analysis of data methods and tools It relates to a previous lit review from last year writtend by you. – How to do email analysis of many emails within an organisation – how to trace the auditability of business rules developed by formal and informal structures and networks. – How to indentify formal and informal and power networks from surveys and emails – Testing the resesarch data for accuracy Idendifying the development of business rules from formal and informal networks and organisational structures that can be implemented in an I.T. systems and how they can be validated The method must be based on the following books and references in those books : “The hidden power of social netoworks by Rob Cross and Andrew Parker” “Network Exchange theory by David Willer” It must show references from the refernces within these books obn research methods. Detail survyes/questionaires based on appendix A of cross and parker is required. a strong reference but other simialr refefences suited to a research method –