Gap inc.Corporate social responsibility

Referring back to literature done on Gap inc.Corporate social responsibility, (RED) campaign, Corporate social responsibility

management process, Performance management, Apparel industry, Gap, Inc., s

1.Identify the top two most influential sources that you have identified for your literature review which shed the most light on

your research topic. Share a brief summary of:

◦What are the key findings and why are these findings so impactful to your research?

◦What is the methodology that was used? Is this methodology sound?

◦What are the overall contribution(s) to informing your problem statement that makes these valuable?
2.In the article, Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity (opens in new window) outlines 7 key

insights related to the future of research data within businesses, which of these insights resonates the most with you?
◦Why is this aspect worth highlighting?
◦How is this impact important to business today and in the future?
◦How does this influence business leadership?