Geopolitics and International Relations – The Actual Situation In SYRIA

Geopolitics and International Relations Report – The actual Situation in Syria
This report must be of 3 pages , including proper referencing and bibliography and must be based on real, recent and verified facts in order to give it credibility and professionalism. Professional English writing is required. Graphs, charts and boards could increase the report’s quality. The report must be built in a way answering the following questions (distinctive parts):
1- What countries are supporting Obama’s military action and position ? develop on that using proper references
2- What is the position of China and Russia at the United Nations ? How is it influencing the general position ? What are the consequences of such position ?
3- What is the ARAB LEAGUE’s position regarding the situation in SYRIA ? How is it influencing the global opinion ? what are the consequences ?
4- Is the bombing of Damascus by the USA and France a real solution to stop the war ? What are the implications of such an ultimate solution ?
5- Is Russia taking control of Syria’s situation ?