Government and Business Relationship


Compare how Australia and one other country (selected from the list below) approach competition policy. Outlining your own criteria for assessing each country’s approach, discuss which is the most effective and why.
You can according the requirements to decide the topic. Please carefully read the following requirements:
You must choose one country’s competition policy to compare with Australia. The list of Countries: New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Sweden, Japan, or Germany.
The above list has been provided to enable you to select countries with sufficient information to complete the assignment. There is no scope for students to vary from the above list and failure to use the approved list or answer the essay question directly will result in a fail grade.
Important Notice: A minimum of 10 different references is required for this essay. Be careful using the Internet – it offers information, sometimes wildly inaccurate, while also not necessarily providing a strong critical analysis. The use of encyclopaedia-style Web sources (e.g. and is NOT acceptable at this level of study and any instance of using such references will attract a fail grade. To receive a Distinction grade or above, you will need to draw upon academic journals, texts and high-quality references, and exceed the minimum standards.
Students must submit their academic essays via Moodle in Microsoft Word document format. Essays submitted in any other format will receive not be marked and will receive a grade of zero. It is also required that essays include a list of references at the end of the paper (in alphabetical order by author surname) which is presented in a recognised Author/Date referencing system (see referencing-guides).
You MUST write in the third person for all assessment items in this unit. For example, rather than writing ‘In this essay, I discuss…’, write: ‘This essay will discuss…’. Writing in the third person is a formal writing skill which you must practise while undertaking this unit.