The project is about the Gulf luxury market, for example hospitality, brands and cars, talking about marketing in these industries or in hospiltity only
so THE PROJECT PROPOSAL will be 1375 words
II. What is the project about?
This should give a clear indication of the project aims.
III. What are the research questions?
The project question should be explicit. A research question may lead to a statement of three or four
specific objectives, which are to be achieved in order to answer the project question. These should be
investigative in nature and therefore problem-based. Students must bear in mind the need to analyze
rather than merely describe.
IV. Why is the project important?
The rationale for the project should include statement as to why the project should be undertaken. This
should include business and academic reasons.
V. What is the academic literature basis of the project?
Students need to choose a topic for which there is sufficient literature available. In the proposal they
should show how their first reading of the literature has helped them to define their research question.
VI. How will the students answer the research question?
This section must detail the way in which the aims and objectives of the investigation are to be
achieved. Students must remember that this means not only a description of the methods to be used,
but also a discussion of the logic of those methods.
VII. Project Plan
The proposal should indicate the process path to be used. This should detail the way in which the
project is to be achieved, and should, if possible, identify phases or stages, timescales and an overall
VIII. Bibliography
A full bibliography of all items referred to in the proposal should be provided. It should be obvious to the
reader of the proposal where students have sourced the referenced material that has been used in the
text of their proposal. This bibliography must be presented in a consistent manner and follow a recognized convention.