Health, Safety and Environment

Case Analysis ReportCase Analysis ReportThe Health and SafetyCase Analysis Report is accomplished by working in a team of 4 or 5 students. Each member of the team should highlight his/her contribution in the case analysis report.  Each member of the team should be prepared to present his/her work for additional assessment (Case Analysis Presentation: 5% of total course grade) Each group should record their names in advance with the instructor as part of the team to work on the designated case Analysis. – Each group should choose (or be assigned) and record one of the following hazards, which will become the topic of their Case Analysis Report: • Mechanical Hazards
– The Case Analysis Report should include the following sections and subsections. Section-1: Introduction [25 Marks]Write general information about the selected hazard, covering the main topics:- Hazard Identification – Hazard quantification – Hazard Mitigation or general preventive strategies to reduce the risk of the hazard
Section-2: Occupational Accidents in the selected Hazard [Total 60 Marks]• Include the statistics  or diagrams• It should to write two examples below about the mechanical hazard which are accidents to the eye: Wear Safety Glasses)  and FACE   accident  (wearing the shield).• I am upload  the material that include these two subject in the power points and one sample examples • Do the part which I highlighted only • When they use any information from the website it should to do the  referencepage  and put the ITCYou need to discuss 2 Examples of Occupational accidents in the selected hazard. In each subsection you need to write abouteach accident addressing the following points:a) Why did the accident happen?b) What is the damage that resulted from the accident: Economic ( hours of works ), Injuries (physical , moral psychological reasons ), death etc…?c) How to prevent these accidents from happening (solutions)? Discuss appropriate preventive strategies.
2.1 Example-1 (The title should be the first accident) [15 Marks] 2.2 Example-2 (The title should be the second accident) [15 Marks]
Section-3: Conclusion [15 Marks] References