Hiring Policies Paper

Write a 1,400- to 2,000 word paper on the effect of employee hiring policies on private security. Research, analyze and evaluate at least one cutting edge issue relevant to this topic from the Security Management professional literature. The Assignment Paper Guide, Grading Rubric and point-counterpoint lecture are course requirements. It is VERY CRITICAL that you utilize point-counterpoint court cases and integrate key legal issues and theories raised by the instructor in the main forum with Nemeth and the supplemental readings. Point-Counterpoint court case analysis. IF YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND POINT-COUNTERPOINT AND CONFLICT-PAIRINGS ANALYSIS,CONTACT ME PERSONALLY BEFORE WRITING AND SUBMITTING YOUR PAPER. I PROMISE AS A TEACHER I WILL TAKE AS MANY HOURS AS YOU NEED OR WANT TO WORK WITH YOU ON COMPLYING WITH THIS FAIRLY STRAIGHTFORWARD AND COMMON SENSE REQUIREMENT FOR A LAW RELATED COURSE. YOU WILL GET A LOT MORE POINTS ON YOUR PAPERS IF YOU DO THIS. requires that you do significant independent research from the professional security management literature. Show your mastery of sophisticated point-counterpoint court case analysis by comparing g and contrasting court cases which legally analyze, but are not limited to the following: relevant legal theories and issues from academic weeks one through three, germane legal theories and issues from Nemeth and the main forum debates and the supplemental readings, court cases on bonafide occupational requirements/qualifications, hostile workplace, ADA, ADEA, employer preferences, accommodations, Title VII, section 1983, civil rights, state action doctrine ,legal disclaimers, theory of waiver and implied consent, concepts of notice and pattern evidence, legal issues concerning risk management, legal theory of duty, risk of future violence, negligent assignment and entrustment, etc. ctc.