History and Political Science

One short essay:Antebellum immigration One long essay:Slavery in the antebellum South
Project description
I have one short essay of 5 pages and one long essay of 10 pages. The requirements are attached below.
Antebellum immigration: Pick any two of the following groups – Irish, Germans, and Scandinavians – and compare their immigrant experiences in the nineteenth century. The essay should not be a summary of their overall experiences. It should instead focus on two categories such as where they lived, what they did for work, what obstacles they encountered, what push and pull factors affected their immigration, and what cultural contributions that they made. In your analysis of these categories, make sure to address how those groups contributed to diversity in American life. The essay should integrate at least three different sources.
o Coming To America, Chapters 5 &6
o Reading 4: Tocqueville on associations
o Materials from Slideshow 4
Slavery in the antebellum South: After the Revolutionary, slavery underwent a massive expansion in the Southern states. Describe and analyze this state of slavery by addressing the causes and effects of expansion, the practice of paternalism, and the conditions of slaves. Integrate at least three other sources besides Kolchin’s American Slavery.
o American Slavery, Chapters 4-6.
o Reading 3: Primary source on women’s anti-slavery society o Reading 5: Primary source on master-slave relations
o For Cause and Comrades