IF YOU PLAGIARIZE–submitting information written by someone other than you without proper page citations and a works cited page– IT WILL RESULT IN A GRADE OF ZERO FOR YOUR JOURNAL ENTRY.
HUM 2020 Journal Questions:
• You may choose to answer any one of the topics for each journal entry.
• Each journal is required to have 500 words minimum.
• Your entries should be free of grammatical and structural errors, and contain your opinion or “take” on the issue you are discussing. This is a personal, reflective journal.
• You can, and should, use the first person pronoun, “I.” It is not a formal essay or a research paper.
• Two typed pages with font 12, double-spaced are required per journal. Six journals will be submitted to me throughout the semester, two at a time.
• Use your textbook as the source for your discussion. You may use other sources, making sure you use the correct page citation format (MLA) and including a Works Cited page, even if it is the textbook. The rubric requirement states this clearly. Plagiarism (the use of others’ words without any acknowledgment) will resultin a zero grade for the journal entry. I value your thoughts and ideas.Please use them!
• Students who receive the best grades in journal entries are those who brainstorm their ideas first, and formulate a logical progression to the conclusion by using many examples. “I don’t think mankind has learned much since the first Crusades were fought in the middle ages. Just recently, Protestants stopped fighting with Catholics in Northern Ireland, Muslims with Christians in Bosnia, Jews with Muslims in Israel, and since September 11, Muslim fundamentalists are at war with the Western world.” (From a student’s A journal).
• Heading for each Journal entry should contain:
HUMANITIES 2020, JOURNAL ENTRY I GREECE & (your choice of question spelled out.This means type the specific question you are answering. This helps you keep focused on the question you are writing about.)