indutrial outlook assigment

Students are required to pick an industry of interest to research, compile information and present that information in a M&A Outlook report. This report is required to have the following components but is not limited to the components listed.

1) Industry Overview
2) Industry Trends from 2014/15
3) M&A Transactions 2014/15
4) Why you chose particular industry
5) Growth potential of industry selected
6) Industry Risks
7) Transaction Opportunities in industry
8) Valuation and Multiple trends and future expectations for industry
9) Investment considerations of industry chosen

The report should be between 8-10 pages, typed double spaced 11 font Times New Roman. You may use charts, diagrams, to help support your content. Papers that are less than 8 pages and more than 10 will not be accepted. References page is NOT included in the page count and is required, ALL citations in text- as well as on references page must be put into APA format.

The final report is due on the day of the class’s final exam.