Informal Memo Written Assignment

Your first piece of writing is a relatively brief (1-2 page) informal proposal in memo format. You will be identifying and

explaining the two proposals you want to write for this course, based on real experiences and situations in which you are involved.

(Note – if you cannot identify two appropriate proposal topics or if you are uncertain about your choice of topics, please consult

the instructor to discuss.)

Think of this informal memo as a planning proposal in which you offer your general strategy for focusing your two formal proposals

that will make up the bulk of the written work for this course. Include the following:

the background situations that have created the need to write the proposals
the problem you wish to address for each proposal
the main purpose you identify for each proposal/the type of proposal you anticipate writing
the anticipated audience/context for each proposal
the type of information that you think will be key to gaining acceptance for the proposal
any other brief, pertinent information
the thing that you think you’d like most help with for each proposal (e.g., actually doing the research, identifying the audience,

dealing with context issues, organizing your writing, etc.)
Please remember to discuss your plans for both formal proposals in this first assignment.