In general when we think about who the ‘poor’ are we have a picture, or an ideal in our head. The textbook talks about who is more likely to be in poverty in the United States. However, with the recent recession, this ideal of who is poor is changing. Many more people today are finding themselves in financial difficulty due to the recession. This then is changing the face of poverty in America.
The film clip and the article below look at how poverty is being redefined in America, and people who never would have seen themselves in poverty are now depending upon assistance.

Assignment Instructions
1. Choose to either watch the film or read the article and reflect upon the following questions:
• How has the recent recession changed the dynamics of poverty?
• Are people more understanding of those in poverty today?
• How can these people in poverty be helped?
• How does the rising poverty affecting family, mental health and future generations?
2. Write a 3-4 paragraph response