Land Capability – Developing a Land Capability Scheme and Rating Table for the Blackville area


Land Classification – what is it? The first step in land capability. Processes used to classify land and importance of scale.
At this stage I would like you to consider how land capability is defined, what is land and how do we classify land into homogeneous units that can later be assigned a land capability class.
NSW Land Capability
Soil Mapping
WA Land Capability
Revised edition of the Land Capability Handbook, first published in 1992, to assist non practitioners to understand the land capability classification process and to produce a document to help maintain consistency of approach between surveyors.
Contents include: Introduction; Land Capability Classification; Features of the Tasmanian Land Capability Classification System; Guidelines for Agricultural Land Capability Classification; How to use Land Capability Maps and Reports; Land Capability for Land Use Planning; Regional and District Scales; Land Capability Mapping at Farm Level; References and Appendices: 1) Soil Moisture and its Application to Land Capability Classification; 2) Conversions for Common Ec and Salinity Measurements; and 3) Soils Maps and Reports Available for Tasmania.
Written by C.J. Grose (Ed).
Published by Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment.
(Published in 1999)
ISBN/ISSN 0-7246-7203-6 / 1036 5249
Copyright Government of Tasmania 1999