Language Development


The task specifications:
1. Respond to the single question:
Q. In what ways are L1 and L2 development similar and different? You will need to draw on at least theoretical perspectives of L2 development.
2. You must cite, and show close critical reading of the subject textbook by Lightbown & Spada and the subject reading by Richard-Amato. You may cite up to two more relevant readings.
3. Ensure that you very clearly discuss the similarities and differences from a linguistic perspective, including:
– Overgeneralizations
– Order of grammatical morpheme acquisition
– Pronunciation
– Order vs rate of acquisition
4. Ensure that you provide explanalisations of psychological and social similarities and differences that may be involved in L1 and L2 development.
5. Discuss which language learning theory(ies) acknowledge similarities and differences, and which do not, and why.

* Please answer the question only without introduction and conclusion. And follow the requirements in 1,2,3,4 and 5.
*Please use the references attached.
(600 words)