Language Related Task


Task A: analyse sentences 1-5 in terms of form, meaning, and use, pronunciation, and problems for learners.
I used to play football
1. Form: subject + used to+ bare infinitive (+object
I used to play football
2. Meaning and use: I played football regularly in the past, but i do not play football now.
USED TO talk about discontinued past habits and states.
3. Pronunciation: used to /ju:ste/
4. Problem for learners: question forms and negative forms and: note there is no d on use, because it behaves as regular past form. pronunciation is the same as the positive statement which does have d. meaning may be confused with simple past to talk about single actions in the past, e.g i used to go to paris yesterday. pronunciation : not a major problem once /ju:ste/has been pointed out, but compare with: i used a pencil Iju:zd/
analyse these sentences as above example
Sentences 1-5
1. Have you ever been) Thailand
2. I’m meeting) ..him on Friday
3. I wish I had studied) ..harder at school
4. I’d rather you didn’t bring) ..peter to the party
5. I’ll have finished) by then
the words after the brackets don’t need to be analysed.
Task B :
For structures in SENTENCES 2 AND 3 above: briefly outline a possible context and how you wold introduce or elicit the target language. Provide concept check questions.
Successful candidates will show evidence of:
1. An ability to analyse language for teaching purposes (including potential problems for students)
2. An understandi