/ Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Please write one page, one resource

This discussion question is based on the following hypothetical:
You have recently been appointed as the CEO of a business, firm, or organization that you are familiar with. This organization might be a current or former place of employment. The organization that has undergone a high level of turnover in the last 36 months.In three to five paragraphs, provide a focused and concise strategy that you feel might get the high level of turnover in the organization under control.

Be sure that you apply various theories and concepts covered thus far in the course to possible real-life scenarios. Simply talking about a past or present experience is not enough. You must competently apply theory to practice.

Please write one page, one resource
Conduct research through the University library and find a business issue as it relates to social psychology, interpersonal skills, job dissatisfaction or some other business related issue. The information may be from newspapers, business magazines, or academic journals. After doing so apply a total of 2 to 3 concepts as they relate to organizational behavior based on the information gained. Relate those concepts fro