LLP B 205 2


Order type: EssaySubject: LawAcademic level: Not specifiedStyle: Harvard
Part II: Case study, individual essay, 2000 words, 75% of grade. Students write an individual essay about an infringement of a patent- or copyright-protected innovation of one firm by another firm. How have both firms operated, legally and strategically? How has the case affected the subsequent strategy of each firm, if at all (in which case: why not?)? And how has the case affected industry structure and dynamics? Course work due: 3pm May 26th, 2017 submit through LEARN [Turnitin]. Marking criteria; Please see Appendix-B Marking Descriptor for Coursework. PLEASE NOTE that in their individual course work, a student should mention explicitly what the choice of firm/product was that their group for group presentations opted for. If a student has chosen different firms/products, this should be reflected in a mark that is higher than it would otherwise be.=====