Major Essay


Choose ONE of the following:
1) Discuss the cultural and social implications of new media technologies. Effects are being felt in, for example, intellectual property, notions of authorship, patterns of communication and consumption, the
experience of space and time, ethics and privacy. Analyse the cultural ramifications of internet and/or other digital technologies by focusing on one of these areas.
2) How has technology affected consciousness? Discuss the impact of communication, information or other technologies on consciousness. You may include as aspects of consciousness: cognition, perception,
memory, sense of self.
Grading criteria: Options 1 and 2 will be graded on the following criteria: the establishment of a clear argument in response to the question and the logical elaboration of that argument supported by academic research both within the set unit readings and beyond; an intelligent engagement with that academic research; a satisfactory level of written expression; use of academic referencing.