Medical Sciences

For this week’s assignment, read your selected articles and write an annotated bibliography for the 7 most pertinent articles on your chosen topic. The annotated bibliography looks at each research article individually and addresses the following:
1. Restate your PICO question
2. List the reference using correct APA formatting
3. Summarize (1 paragraph). Use this as an opportunity to practice citing using APA guidelines (citing required).
4. Reflect (1 paragraph). Note why you have chosen to include this article and what information it provides related to your topic.
The time and effort you put into this assignment will offer commensurate rewards in terms of helping you stay organized while working with your many articles. A well-done bibliography can be very helpful in helping you recall what each of your articles say and in providing a means of relating the articles to each other.
Use Times New Roman 12-point font, double space, and assure 1” margins. Include a running head with your last name and assignment name (ex., budash bibliography) as well as page numbers. Be sure to study the grading rubric with these assignment specifications so you are clear on the expectations of this assignment.