Microsoft’s risk management

For this research exercise, write a 3 pages APA style paper, describing each of the four phases in the security risk management process on “Microsoft’s risk management approach.”
Integrate and identify (with) the concepts from your textbook and the module/course content in your research exercise paper. The heading for the last section of your paper should include an “Author’s Reflection” (your reflection) critiquing of the journal, publication, article, website, or situation examined. Be sure to use newly acquired terminology. This will be turn in to anti plagiarize program “turnitin”. Don’t for get to include the following.
Page 1 – Title
Page 2 – Abstract
Page 3&4 – Body
Page 5 – Author’s Reflection
Page 6 – reference
Whitman, M. E., &Mattord, H. J. (2014). Management of information security (4th ed.).