Opening Night


This is a formal research paper with sources listed, footnotes, etc. Use the MLA Style Guide. Use your text (Music Then and Now by Thomas Forrest Kelly) as a source for two quotes (cited) in your paper. Use two other sources from the library, no Wikipedia. List sources, including your textbook, in a bibliography. (You can decide which two other sources you wanna use, just tell me the details.)
The topic will be one of the “Opening Nights” from the text. You will be assigned a Part (PART 3) from the text which include 3 chapters (Chapter 7 8 9). You can send me an outline before you write the paper if you want.
Topic: Opening Night From Part III: Music and Reason:Classical Music (Chapters: 7,8,9)
I will give you the Sendspace link to download the text pictures. I took pictures of the required text books (all 3 necessary chapters) with high quality.