Political Philosophy: Discussion

Detail Submission Grade
The questions are:

0 Your Vote – How do you normally vote:
Republican or Democrat? Why? What
advantages does your party have over
their opponents? Which of their ideas
do you gravitate towards? And which
ideas of your opponents do you
dislike? Why? (If you are too young to
vote, discuss how you would have
voted in the 2016 election and why.)

0 Justice and Power – Connect your
vote answer (above) to the concept of
justice and power. Describe both
approaches to justice, and say whose
definition of “justice” to you prefer
(Plato or Rawls). Is justice a matter of
merit or equality? What are the
benefits and pitfalls of both
approaches to the concept of justice?
Also, how should power be distributed
among members of a society?
Concentrated at the top? Dispersed? A
composite approach? Why?