Presentation 2: Market Structures

Select a for-profit, non-financial, publically-traded firm, for instance Apple, Dell, Coca Cola, Boeing, etc. No banks, no investment firms … this is not a finance course. No private firms, otherwise you will not be allowed access to their data. Make sure you get your firm choice cleared from me before you begin work on this presentation.
These are the questions you need to address in this presentation. However, DO NOT submit your presentation as a question and answer session.
1. Give a brief (no more than 3-4 slides) history of this firm giving information about the product it produces (if more than one, then select one product or product line), its competitors, government regulations in the market (if any), and issues and opportunities the company faces.

2. What market structure does this firm operate in? Why? Analyze the characteristics of this market. What does economic theory tell you about the role of advertising in this market? Do you observe this in the data? Why or why not? What can you say about economic profits for this firm in the short run as well as the long run? Does data support economic theory? How can this profit stream change over time? This part of the presentation should be no more than7-8slides long.

Remember you CANNOT use Wikipedia as your source of information. As far as possible your sources should be academic.

Make sure there isn’t too much writing on any slide. You can use the speaker notes section if you like but, remember, too much writing takes away from the creativity.

Make sure you have a slide with an APA formatted list of references you have used.