Project description
Paper should be written based off of the essay ” WHAT DOES A WOMAN NEED TO KNOW” written by: ADRIENNE RICH—We are using the book “The Presence of Others” By Andrea Lunsford and John Ruszkiewicz. Using this article, please identify a problem with an arguable solution. find (3) other articles/ sources (that are to be work cited) that discuss this problem, and offer another solution. the paper should be sectioned as follows: Introduction, discussion of the problem, discussion of one solution, discussion of alternate solution, discussion of best solution, and then conclusion. paper is to be 5/6 pages double spaced. Argument should be valid and convincing, as well as fair. in text citations/quotes should be in MLA format/rules please! so basically: read the essay, identify a problem the essay discusses, offer two solutions, choose THREE separate articles that discuss this problem as proof, as well as solutions for the problem. identify the BEST solution, and conclude. works cited should be in MLA format please!