Profile of economic region

Students will prepare a 2-page socio-economic description of an economic region from Canada’s SGC system in consultation with the professor. Drawing upon various sources, including the Census and websites, students will make sure to properly cite every data source. The 2-pager will highlight key characteristics of that region, distinguishing amenities (port, university, etc), industry employment numbers, major employer, etc.
This should go withput saying, but I want to draw your attention to the plagiarism section of the website. Please, if you are going to use the words of someone else (example, the author of a report uses a sentence that describes perfectly what you want to write), then you can do so but use quotation marks ( ” quoted passage “) and then identify the source (author, date, page number). If you use are summarizing someone’s idea in your own words, then drop the quotation marks but do reference that author in text.