Read the Philip Brophy article before moving on to the assignment . As you are expected to respond to the question in relation to what is written in Brophy’s article, you must display knowledge and understanding of what Brophy has written before beginning on your essays.
Consider a thesis statement (or argument) for your paper. This is a strong opinion on an issue which you wish to examine. As the question demands that you focus on stylistic techniques surrounding things like sound, mise-en-scene, cinematography and editing, please watch Psycho again and identify one or a few scenes which you wish to close read.
Bear in mind that sound and other stylistic components like mise-en-scene and camera movement work together to create meaning; it is therefore impossible to look at one stylistic device without considering how it works in relation to others. Further, while it is important for you to discuss sound and other stylistic techniques, do not forget that style is only one aspect of the formal system of film. The other aspect is narrative. Think about how you can integrate narrative and style into your discussion.